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Meetings are at 6:15pm, the second Monday of every two months, at 2501 Heyward Street, Heyward St. UMC Church.  Visit the Neighborhood Council page for date and location of the next meeting.



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Welcome to Shandon

Welcome to the Shandon Neighborhood website.  Shandon is one of the largest in-town neighborhoods in Columbia, South Carolina.  Shandon is located near the business and shopping districts of Five Points, Devine Street, and Rosewood Drive. With mature trees, wide streets, sidewalks, parks, and beautiful homes, Shandon is a wonderful place to live.

Please Take Note!

Shandon Council voted for new permanent meeting site at 2501 Heyward St, the Heyward St. UMC Church**

Next Council meeting will be Jan. 14**

It Happened! Sat. Nov 17:

Shandon Turkey Trot

Check out photos from the event...


Shandon Council works for Uniform 25mph Speed; proposal going before City Council (tangle of City and State jurisdictions - see map)

And on Dec 2 - ->->->                                        Homes for the Holidays Homes decorated for Christmas in the Shandon and Hollywood-Rosehill Neighborhhoods on Sunday Dec 2 featured six beautifully decorated homes and featured the famous "Pink House" at Sims and Wilmot

New City Zoning Plan Proposal

Events in & Around Shandon:

First Shandon Signs placed at Heyward Street Triangle  July 19 

See more from the 2018 National Night Out at Photo Gallery

See March 31 Easter Egg Hunt pictures here

New Bylaws accepted at Mar 12 Annual Plenary Meeting view here

City Grant Approves Sign for Shandon Neighborhood. Intended to be welcoming to our active sidewalks and streets, the City approved a grant of $1500 for a sign supporting that goal and will be linked with encouraging slower traffic while in the neighborhood. This grant was spearheaded by Mary Roe on behalf of Shandon Council. According to City guidelines a neighborhood may display no more than 6 signs within its boundaries. A first sign is to be placed within the triangle at Harden and Heyward Streets, exact spot yet to be determined. No other locations for possible future signs have been established at this time. 

Sign #5 was selected at the Annual meeting...



(Click here to see some of the other of idea choices considered)

(Original ApplicationTimetableSpecificationsAdditional requirements )


More activity on the Triangle...

  City Approved Beautification plan for Heyward St. Triangle more here

Shandon Council motion passed Jan. 8 2018 regarding Five Points ABL licensing (view)

36th Turkey Trot was Nov 18 2017  - click on PHOTO GALLERY for pictures 

Homes for the Holidays 2017 Christmas Tour was Dec. 3 - a shared event with Hollywood-Rose Hill - click on PHOTO GALLERY

Upcoming Shandon Events for 2018

National Night Out August 7 at Sims Park

37th Shandon Turkey Trot 8K/4K Race/Walk - Nov. 17


Dreher High athletic facility upgrades - plan presented

WEST NILE VIRUS - Advice to Shandon residents...

Walk Bike Columbia - link to city planning study

Off Campus Students - Tips and useful info

Absentee Landlord Ordinance - took effect October 2016.These door hangers can inform new neighbors and landlords of neighborhood expectations. Contacts-Code Enforcement 545-3430 M-F business hours, Police 252-2911 after hours; litter/garbage call Solid Waste 545-3800.


Tree Trimming by SCE&G

Tree Trimming Activities conducted in 2017

Utility tree trimming work was being conducted in Shandon over a many weeks period by SCE&G contractors, Tree Inc or Asplundh.  For additional information regarding utility tree trimming click here and also here. Citizens with specific questions or concerns should contact Forestry and Beautification at 803-545-3860  or SCE&G at 1-800-251-7234

The purpose of the trimming activities is to increase safety and reliability of the electric service.  SCE&G reports an 89% improvement in reliability in vegetation related outages in areas where trimming is completed compared to a year ago.  The trimming guidelines include removing vegetation within 8-12 feet below and beside the power lines and up to 20 feet above the power lines.

View Shandon tree trimming Shandon map here.

Columbia City Contact: Sara Hollar, Forestry and Beautification at 803-545-3860