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Meetings are at 6:15pm, the second Monday of every two months, at 2501 Heyward Street, Heyward St. UMC Church.  Visit the Neighborhood Council page for date and location of the next meeting.



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 About the Shandon Neighborhood Council

The Shandon Neighborhood Council is comprised of 15 people whose primary residence is in Shandon. The neighborhood council serves the neighborhood by working together with neighbors, community leaders, and government officials to address important issues affecting the neighborhood. The neighborhood council also sponsors and organizes annual events including the Easter Egg Hunt, National Night Out, the Turkey Trot, and the Homes for the Holidays Tour.

Residents of Shandon do not pay dues to the neighborhood council and are not considered members of the council. They do, however, have the ability to vote on council membership and other matters affecting council governance, such as amendments to the by-laws. 

The Shandon Neighborhood Council meets every other month beginning in January. Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month and begin at 6:15 p.m. A time for social gathering & meet and greet from 6:00-6:15 usually precedes the business session. The location of the meetings rotates between the two neighborhood parks. The annual meeting is in March and is typically held at Heyward Street United Methodist Church (formerly known as Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church) in Shandon. 

Everyone is invited to attend the meetings. Elected officials and city police officers often attend the meetings and report on what is happening in the city and in the neighborhood. 


Upcoming Council Meetings

January 14 - Heyward Street UMC Church, 2501 Heyward Street

All meetings begin at 6:15 p.m.

Current Members of Shandon Neighborhood Council:

Russell Jones, president (2019)

    Coleman St / 803-414-5811 /

George Crouch, past president (non-voting)

   Wilmot Ave / 803-753-4247 /

Deborah Thomas, president elect (2020 - 2nd term)

   S. Holly St / 803-315-2844 /

 *Bill McCormick, treasurer (2021)

   Terrace Way / 803-629-5051

 *John Meyers, secretary  (2021)

   Wilmot Ave / 803-528-1045 /

Karen Addison (2019)

    Monroe St / 803-609-0545 /

*James Blake (Buddy) Atkins, (2021)

    Duncan St /

Steve Augustine (2020)

    Heyward St / 512-300-8659 /

Joe Berry (2020)

   Walker St / 803-348-7660 /

*Michael Drennan (2019 - 1yr term)

   2227 Terrace Way / 803-714-3976 /

Lois Elijah (2019)

   Burney Dr / 803-771-7897 /

*Rich Horton (2021)

   Wilmot Ave / 803-315-6666 /

Kelly Scott Hynes MD,PhD (2020 - 2nd term)

   Monroe St / 803-446-6439 /

*Martha Johnson (2021)

   Duncan St / 803-252-2223 /

*Tamra Paschal (2019 - 1yr term)

   Cannon St / 803-779-7223 /

Rick Todd (2020)

   Heyward St / 803-730-6067 /

* Names with an askerisk were elected at most recent annual meeting

  • All officers’ terms will expire in March 2019 during the Annual Meeting.
  • Council members’ terms will expire during the annual meeting date shown after their names. 

Committee Assignments for 2018-2019

Beautification - looking into ways to beautify Shandon. Chair Kelly Hynes. members: Lois Elijah, George Crouch, Karen Addison, Deborah Thomas

Communication - preparing newsletter and keeping community informed. Chair Michael Drennan. members: Rick Todd, Bill McCormick, Tamara Paschal, John Myers, Ron Burns

Events - planning and conducting events for Shandon. Chair George Crouch. members: Lois Elijah, Kelly Hynes, John Myers, Karen Addison, Jesse Burke 

Traffic and Safety - looking at safety and traffic issues. Chair Rich Horton. members: Joe Berry, Martha Johnson, Steve Augustine, Tamara Paschal

Zoning and Ordinances - covers role of SNC in city processes. Chair Martha Johnson. members: Buddy Atkins, Deborah Thomas, Joe Berry, Rich Horton, Steve Augustine

Note: If you are interested in being part of a committee please contact the chairperson.

Agenda and Minutes - Agendas and Minutes are kept for each meeting. Click here to view agendas and minutes.  Please note that we did not start posting the agendas until after the May 2014 meeting, so there are no agendas posted prior to the one for that meeting. 



The Shandon Neighborhood Council publishes a quarterly newsletter. The newsletter is mailed to every home in Shandon. To contribute to the newsletter or to purchase an ad, please contact the newsletter editor, Dr. Ron Burns, at or 803-422-6578.  Click here to view newsletters


The current bylaws of the Shandon Neighborhood Council accepted March 12 2018 are here.

 Financial Records

Financial records from the neighborhood council are provided at each neighborhood council meeting.  In addition, the Neighborhood Council voted in May 2015 to make them available on the website.  Click here to view financial records. If you are unable to attend a meeting in person, cannot see the records on the website or have any questions, email the Treasurer, Bill McCormick at and he will be happy to assist you.